Huge demand for a new station on Castle Vale

Councillor Ann Holtom

Councillor Ann Holtom has welcomed the views of Castle Vale residents who are calling for a new rail station on Castle Vale:

"I received hundreds of replies to my rail survey, which demonstrates the importance of this issue to local people who are deprived of good transport links into the city."

"99% of Vale residents who responded to my survey wanted the old Castle Bromwich station to re opened".

"If the station is reopened it will cut travelling times and provide a quick 10 minute journey into Birmingham."

30% of respondents to Cllr Holtom's survey indicated that they would leave their car at home and travel by train if a new station was provided. This would ease congestion on the overcrowded road network and reduce carbon emissions, helping to protect our environment.

A new station at Castle Vale would be on the new Moor Street to Tamworth line. This ould provide increased employment opportunities for Vale residents in the city centre and Hams Hall.

"I am determined that a new station should be built. I will take every opportunity to highlight the need for a station on Castle Vale until the Government provides the money to make this a reality," said Councillor Ann Holtom.