High Speed Rail 2 - local campaigners urge residents to have their say

hs2 route

National consultation is under way regarding the proposed new High Speed rail line from Birmingham to London. Residents living within one kilometre of the proposed route are being sent a booklet explaining what the proposals mean for them. The line will enter our local area at the southern edge of Minworth and then make its way below Castle Vale and, parallel to the Fort Parkway, into central Birmingham.

If you want to find out more about the scheme, you can visit the HS2 pages on the Birmingham City Council website at: http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/hs2 or see the Department for Transport website: http://highspeedrail.dft.gov.uk/

If you think the proposals affect you and you would like to have your say about the new high speed rail lines from Birmingham to London there is a form at the bottom of this Council webpage which you can use to pass your views on HS2 to Birmingham City Council.

Local campaigners Cllr Ann and Trevor Holtom are urging residents to have a look at the plans to see how they are affected and to think about participating in the consultation exercise by contacting the Council or the DfT.