Here to help - Cllr Ann Holtom renews pledge to local residents


Liberal Democrat councillor for Tyburn Ward, Ann Holtom, has told a local newspaper how she is continually renewing her promise to work for local people and be a strong voice to protect the ward and its residents. Reviewing her in-tray for the paper, Cllr Holtom was struck by how many letters and emails were written on behalf of local people. On a monthly basis it runs into hundreds which are sent to council departments & other organisations such as the police, health service as well as to other government departments.

Most of the issues Cllr Holtom takes up on behalf of local people are from personal letters and emails. When there is a Lib Dem Focus newsletter, which is delivered on a regular basis to all the homes in Tyburn Ward, even more post comes in especially if the newsletter contains a survey.

Some may be on simple and easy to resolve issues such as pavement repairs or the removal of graffiti. Others can take longer to resolve, for example tackling anti social behaviour or the need for additional CCTV cameras to tackle crime.

Cllr Holtom also holds weekly advice bureaux at the Sanctuary on Castle Vale and at the Forget-Me-Not Club on Tyburn Road which always generates more letter writing as she tries to resolve the issues that are brought to my attention. Cllr Holtom sees this as an essential part of her role as being an effective community based Councillor. In the end of the day helping to resolve personal and community issues is of paramount importance.

However, Ann has issued a plea to any Tyburn resident to get in touch with her if they have any concerns regarding council services or community issues - even if this adds to her letter writing mountain. She pledges to do all she can to resolve the issues that are brought to her attention.

You can contact Cllr Holtom by going to one of her surgeries or by writing, emailing or telephoning her. Follow this link to Ann's contact page: