Have your say on Six issues to Fix


Led by Cllr Ann Holtom, the Tyburn Ward Focus Team have just started the delivery of the Six to Fix leaflet to all homes in Tyburn Ward inviting people to identify their priorities on six key local issues.

All recipients will be encouraged to place the six issues in priority order and invited to identify their own seventh item to fix.

The six issues in the survey are:

1) To boost Brum's Bobbies by putting more police back on the beat, provide more community support officers and reject the expensive ID card scheme.

2) Provided better access to higher education & training by improving Birmingham's above national average exam results, increasing the literacy & numeracy skills for all and by building/renovating schools for the future.

3) Provide 1,000 new social homes by 2011 by building 500 new council homes and renovating a further 500 privately owned homes bringing them back into use as family homes for rent.

4) Beating the recession by creating 1,000 paid work experience places for young people, investing in Birmingham businesses and ensuring that the Council Tax is kept as low as possible.

5) A clean & green city - Clearing all fly tipping and graffiti with 48 hours, increasing recycling rates, extending of kerbside recycling collections & a continued commitment to reduce CO2 emissions.

6) Cut congestion & better transport for all by providing low cost off peak travel, introducing an economy rate young persons bus pass & developing new stations including a new station on Castle Vale.

Cllr Holtom is hoping to receive hundreds of replies from local residents to help identify resident's priorities for dealing with issues that we all face or would like to see improved.

Cllr Holtom has always given top priority to consulting with local people and listening to their views. Tyburn Ward Lib Dems hope that this survey will be as popular as the resident's survey on a new station for Castle Vale which received hundreds of replies. Please complete the survey when you receive it and return it to Cllr Holtom.

It's important that you have your say on this innovative Six to Fix survey.