Green road to recovery - Liberal Democrats answer to Labour's mess and Tory dithering

Ann Holtom

Britain is entering a recession that could be bigger than any in living memory. Councillor Ann Holtom says "It is time for action to kick-start the economy before people suffer even more. Liberal Democrats will put money in people's pockets with big, permanent tax cuts for ordinary families, funded by closing loopholes and unfair exemptions that benefit big business and the very wealthy. We would cancel the VAT cut and use the £12.5 billion for green investment."

The overwhelming majority of this money can be spent in 2009 itself, so it would have an immediate effect on the economy - immediate jobs, immediate cuts in family bills and immediate improvements in people's ability to travel.

Liberal Democrats would:

*Fund insulation and energy efficiency in a million homes

*Start a five-year programme to insulate every school and hospital

*Purchase nearly 700 new train carriages

*Electrify the Great Western and Midland mainlines

*Open old and build new train lines and stations and invest in signal and line improvements

*Build 40,000 extra carbon-zero social homes

*Bring forward the roll-out of 'smart meters' which help homeowners save money

And when the other parties tell you it cannot be done, or try to put the Lib Dems down, where were they in 2007 when it was the analysis by the Liberal Democrats of the overheating of the economy with rising property prices being exploited by banks, the financial services sector, to persuade borrowers to take on more and more unsustainable credit? They were sneering we did not know what we were talking about. They were wrong and Vince Cable was right.

Trust the people who got the analysis of the economy right - take the Green road to recovery with the Liberal Democrats.