Good news for residents on potholes, pavements and street-lighting


Cllr Ann Holtom (Lib Dem, Tyburn Ward) has reported to residents that the responsibility for repairs to potholes on locals roads, uneven pavements and broken street lights in Birmingham is now the subject of a partnership arrangement between the Council and the public service engineers, Amey. This is a pioneering 25 year contract to repair modernise and maintain the city's road infrastructure, where Amey will be responsible for first bringing every road up to a set standard in two phases of 5 years periods followed by a 15 year period of maintenance.

Every single road, pavement, lamp post and everything else will be dug up completely relaid/rebuilt this will also include all the city centre road tunnels. The contract covers the 1,500 miles of road, 94,000 street lights in the city as well as all traffic signals, street furniture, tunnels and pavements and even roadside trees will be involved. The start of the contract marks a substantial boost for the region by securing a large number of jobs, with around 250 employees transferring from the council to work on the project with Amey. A further 300 jobs will be created over the next year as work on the city's network increases.

Amey has also committed to tackling unemployment and worklessness in the city by looking to recruit unemployed local people onto the contract and work on this has already begun. This includes recruiting five young people from the council's futures job fund initiative to start work as aboricultural, street lighting and road operatives.