For a Green future – support the Liberal Democrats

Ann Holtom, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary spokesperson for Birmingham Erdington, has welcomed the publication by Ed Davey MP, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, of the Green Focus newsletter. The Focus sets out what Liberal Democrats have achieved in government in promoting the Green agenda and looks forward to further progress on key environmental issues.

The Focus highlights ten significant achievements.

1. 800,000 homes insulated and we are on target for 1,000,000 by May 2015

2. Renewable electricity generation more than doubled since 2010 - now over

15% of UK's electricity

3. Smaller energy firms nearly trebled in number since 2010

4. World's first Green Investment Bank set up - on course for 250,000 low carbon jobs by 2020

5. World leadership in international climate action - e.g., on deforestation & in EU & UN negotiations

6. Largest investment programme in railways since the Victorians

7. World leadership in offshore wind and tidal power and the European leader on carbon capture and storage and tidal power

8. Renewable electricity investment more than doubled since 2010

9. Britain's first ever community energy strategy

10. A million trees planted, a 5p charge on plastic bags and a Zero Carbon Homes law.

Ann Holtom said: The Liberal Democrats have made this the greenest Government ever, despite opposition by the Conservatives. Renewable energy investment is soaring, we are setting the global agenda on climate change and there's the biggest railway investment since the Victorian Age. Energy market competition has been transformed - with consumers able to get much better deals than under Labour. Looking to the future Ann welcomed Lib Dem plans for five new green laws and a major new tax incentive to help people cut energy bills, warm their homes and reduce carbon emissions. Ann's message is clear. If you want to go Green, support the Liberal Democrats.