First Class Support for Vale's Rail Link


Shadow Minister for Transport supports Ann Holtom and local residents in their campaign for Castle Vale railway stations:

The Liberal Democrat shadow Secretary of State for Transport, Norman Baker MP, and Councillor John Hunt a member of the West Midlands Transport Authority who are responsible for local train services, joined Cllr Ann Holtom and Neville Chinn (Castle Vale resident who worked on the Castle Vale railway station) in visiting the site of the old Castle Bromwich station which is the proposed site of the new station.

TrainBoth Norman and John were impressed with Ann Holtom's campaign for a new station and with the terrific support she has received from Vale residents on this issue.

Norman assured Ann that he is pressing the government to expand the rail network and that he would without question support the development of a station on the Vale.

Ann said: "I am pleased that following the visit I now have Norman's support in Parliament for a new station. I also have the support of John Hunt and the Chair of the West Midlands Passenger Transport Authority. The campaign for a new station on the Vale has gained new and influential supporters and moved further forward. I hope that I will be able to report to you again shortly on my campaign for a new station on the Vale."