Fears grow for Castle Pool as Labour break election pledge on Moseley Road Baths

Moseley Road Baths

Residents campaigning to keep open Castle Pool on Castle Vale have received a setback as Labour councillors in Hall Green killed off hopes of restoring Moseley Road Baths. The Secretary of the Friends of the Baths issued a statement saying: "This says everything you need to know about [Labour councillors'] attitude to our community. People are very angry. At no point have they come to us and addressed our concerns about the need for people to swim."

Yet in the 2012 local elections Labour promised the Baths would be made a corporate responsibility enabling the combined capabilities and resources of the Council, community and key stakeholders to secure a future for the Baths. Since that promise was made Labour have taken power in Birmingham and they have not made Moseley Road baths a corporate responsibility. Labour has also abandoned the Heritage Lottery bid that was set up by the previous Liberal Democrat-Conservative coalition. This bid - £3million from the Council and £5million from the Heritage Lottery Fund - would have fixed all the structural problems with the building and secured their future as swimming baths for generations to come.

Tyburn Ward Lib Dem campaigner Ann Holtom said: "We will carry on supporting local residents in their fight to keep Castle Pool open. A petition is circulating and we sincerely hope Labour will take account of local opinion here. Unfortunately their decision on Moseley Road Baths does not give much confidence that Labour will keep their pledges on these vital local facilities."