Euro campaign launched at regional conference


Euro MP Liz Lynne and the West Midlands Lib Dems launched their European Election campaign at their spring conference in Wolverhampton.

The campaign is highlighting our MEPs' achievements in boosting jobs, fighting climate change and ending unfair discrimination. The party's West Midlands regional list is again headed by Liz, who has been the hardworking Euro MP for the West Midlands region since 1999.

Second on the list is Phil Bennion, a former Chair of Staffordshire National Farmers Union. with former Warwickshire Council group leader, Susan Juned, in third spot.

In an upbeat speech to conference delegates Liz said: "Now more than ever, Britain's national interest lies in cooperating closely with our neighbours in Europe. It would be madness to isolate us from Europe as the Conservatives and UKIP want to do."

Liz warned delegates not to take anything for granted in an election where the number of MEP seats has been cut to six and many urban areas do not have local elections. "The BNP were also a threat we had to take seriously," she added.

The conference also heard speeches by Home Affairs spokesman Chris Huhne MP and Norman Baker MP, who spoke after attending a debate which passed a new regional transport policy.

The regional party is backing a massive improvement in integrated public transport, with three new Integrated Transport Authorities covering the region, run by councillors with substantial funding coming from decentralising DFT Rail and other government quangoes and abandoning unpopular road projects.