Election hustings goes ahead - despite Tory attempt to sabotage it


The election meeting at the Fellowship Hall in Sutton Coldfield took place last night, despite efforts by Andrew Mitchell's Conservatives to undermine it. The independent chairman was obliged to pull out of the meeting at the eleventh hour after pressure on his organisation's HQ by Sutton Tories. On top of that, Mitchell declined to appear before the public at the meeting and Sutton Conservatives tried to disrupt the event so badly one of their local councillors had to be ejected. David Cameron argues for everyone to get involved in public affairs but when this gets in the way of Tory ambitions it all goes to the wall - so much for Cameron's Big Society.

Despite these problems the audience got to hear Dr Richard Brighton, Liberal Democrat candidate in Sutton Coldfield, making a statement and answering questions from the floor.

If you would like a fuller report of the evening's events, you can read an internet article by someone who was there by going to http://www.general-election-2010.co.uk/general-election-2010-have-your-say.html/comment-page-7#comment-8316

and scroll down the page until you find the article.