Councillor Ann Holtom welcomes ban on wheel clamping


Tyburn Ward Liberal Democrat councillor Ann Holtom has strongly welcomed the news that the coalition government is to ban the clamping of vehicles parked on private land in England and Wales. The ban is set to be introduced in the government Freedom Bill in November and could be in place early next year. The move follows a long campaign against the cowboy clampers - with a prominent role played by Trading Standards Officers in Birmingham.

Cllr Holtom said: "The coalition has committed to end the petty tyranny of rogue clampers who have victimised motorists to make large sums of money. Reports of drivers being left stranded or marched off to cash-points are unacceptable. I am pleased to hear from the Liberal Democrat Home Office minister Lynne Featherstone that the ban on clamping and towing away from private land is designed to put an end to this sort of abuse and that clamping companies which flout the law will face heavy penalties. I am also glad the hard work of Birmingham's Trading Standards staff has been rewarded by the introduction of this legislation."