Cllr Ann Holtom welcomes plan for local transport fund


Leading local Liberal Democrat, Cllr Ann Holtom, has welcomed the announcement by Transport Minister, Norman Baker for a new local transport fund to cut down on short car journeys and encourage greener and healthier travel schemes. These could include encouraging cycle lanes, traffic management schemes and signposting for safe walking routes. Cllr Holtom has highlighted how the new plans support her campaigns for improved public transport.

Commenting on the scheme, Norman Baker said:

"Tackling climate change starts with changing behaviour and one of the best things we can do is encourage people out of their cars for short journeys. This fund can encourage local, healthy and environmental alternatives to car journeys. It will also help to cut congestion and boost the local economy."

Cllr Holtom said: "We all know times are hard so Government funding to make local travel greener and healthier and provide a helping hand for local business is very welcome news. This initiative implicitly recognises that to reduce the carbon footprint created by car journeys better public transport is what is needed and the action of the local bus companies cutting routes does not help". Cllr Holtom pledged to continue her campaigns to improve public transport in our local area.