Cllr Ann Holtom - working with residents to tackle anti-social behaviour

Ann H

Responding to residents' requests for help in dealing with anti-social behaviour, Tyburn Ward's Liberal Democrat councillor, Ann Holtom, has come across an effective method of tackling the problem in relation to rights of way. Until recently these troublesome rights of way have been almost impossible to block off to prevent the constant nuisance that occurs in the typical walkway or alleyway.

Crime sceneThe answer for anyone who lives by or near a public walkway or alleyway that is typically short and runs between properties, is a gating order which allows for the walkway to be closed off. This will prevent nuisances such as graffiti, rubbish dumping, muggings, threatening behaviour and acting as a means of escape from criminal activity.

To obtain a gating order the Council has to demonstrate that there is a significant anti social behaviour problem and that the residents concerned have been consulted. The Council also has to demonstrate that the views of the police and local community organisations and crime prevention teams have also been obtained.

Once the gates are erected, initially for 12 months, a decision is made if the gates should stay in place or be removed. This decision is based on the following criteria: has the anti social behaviour abated or will it continue if the gates are removed.

Cllr Holtom is currently working with residents in Castle Vale to have a gating order actioned and is pursuing with residents the case of two other sites on the Vale where there are significant issues.

If you are having problems with anti-social behaviour and believe that a gating order will help to prevent this nuisance, or want to discuss this issue further, you can get in touch with Cllr Holtom who will try help. She can be contacted on 0121 384 4548 or at