After months of waiting Tyburn Ward Liberal Democrats have found out that at long last Whitehall has agreed with the residents of Castle Vale that they will not be having a costly Parish Council.

But in an outrageous twist, Labour are trying to take credit for getting the proposed Parish Council abandoned! This is despite months of publicly stating that they had no opinion on the subject and would stand by what ever the residents decided.

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Castle Vale, Ann Holtom, Said "This just takes the biscuit. How can you try and take credit for something when you've spent all your time avoiding the issue and then when the vote is a resounding 'no' turn round and claim it is being scrapped purely on Labour's say so? I personally had no preferences either, but I took the decision to involve myself in the community to find out their thoughts and opinions, even to the point of commissioning a survey."

Ann went on "The results of the survey were overwhelming. The residents of Castle Vale did not want a Parish Council; so it was no surprise to me when the referendum was also a resounding 'no'. I'm only baffled by why it took Whitehall so long to announce the starringly obvious.