Candidates for Tyburn Ward at May elections – Ann Holtom the only candidate to live in Tyburn

Cllr Ann Holtom is campaigning for action on grass verge parking

The candidates for election to Birmingham City Council on 3 May have been nominated. Of all the candidates wanting to represent Tyburn Ward only one, Cllr Ann Holtom (Liberal Democrat), actually lives in the ward. The Conservatives have even nominated someone who does not live in Birmingham at all, their candidate lives in Walsall. This reflects the fact that the Tories have never won a seat in Tyburn. The BNP and Green candidates come from miles away in Northfield and Edgbaston. Even Labour's man lives outside the ward in Stockland Green.

Cllr Holtom, who was born in Pype Hayes in Tyburn Ward, said: "I have represented Tyburn Ward for ten years and have always lived in the ward. That way, I know the local people and the local problems and I am on the spot to help residents whenever they need their local councillor. These are local elections about local issues. Some candidates will want to hijack local votes by claiming this is some kind of referendum on government policies, but it isn't. It is about one thing and one thing only - who will work hardest for residents to be the best local councillor for this area. That's why it is vital to have someone who actually lives in the ward as the local representative."

Ann Holtom, the only voice from Tyburn for Tyburn - Ann Holtom, the only choice for Tyburn