Campaigners hail decision to hold local council meeting at Sutton Town Hall - but what about Erdington?

Sutton Town Hall

Following pressure from local campaigners, including former councillor Ann Holtom, Birmingham Council has reversed its decision to hold their new Sutton Coldfield district committee meeting in the city centre and will meet at Sutton Town Hall instead. Under the previous Lib Dem-Conservative partnership administration local committees had met at local community venues in the evenings in the districts they served, enabling local residents to attend more easily. But Labour decided to move these meetings to the city centre because that was easier for their councillors and officials.

Former councillor Holtom said: "This is a victory for local people in Sutton Coldfield who will be able to carry on monitoring the work of their local representatives in their own area. It has been taken because Sutton Coldfield still retains something of a distinct identity in Birmingham, having previously been its own local authority. But what about local residents in Erdington and other parts of the city? Their interests are not different to those of people living in Sutton. It is right that decision-making should be made close to local residents, to give people a chance to participate and influence the decisions that affect their lives. Labour should re-think the whole idea, do a complete U turn and let all district committees meet in their own areas