Campaign launched for a station on Castle Vale

Councillor Ann Holtom

Councillor Ann Holtom is leading a campaign to establish if there is support for a new station on Castle Vale, which would improve local transport links and shorten journey times into the city for Vale residents.

Eight thousand people are to receive a copy of Cllr Holtom's survey which will provide an opportunity for residents to express their views on the provision of a railway station on the Vale.

"The Vale currently has poor transport links into the city centre and I wish to see them improved. A rail link would cut the journey time into Birmingham to less than 10 minutes," said Councillor Ann Holtom.

"A fast and efficient train service would also encourage commuters to leave their cars at home which will in turn reduce congestion on the overcrowded road network".

"Trains already travel into Birmingham from Water Orton passing Castle Vale without stopping. There are no stations between Water Orton and the city centre and there should be if we are to encourage people to use public transport and reduce congestion on local roads".

"I expect a good response to my survey from Vale residents. I am planning to meet CENTRO to discuss the outcome of my survey and I hope that they will listen to the views that have been expressed"