By-election candidate supports action plan on youth unemployment


Robert Hardware, the Liberal Democrat candidate in the Sutton New Hall by election, has added his voice to the call to the government to adopt new measures to tackle youth unemployment.

Robert, who is aged 21 years and currently a full time student, said: "I speak from personal knowledge when I say that many young people in our area and across the country are facing an uncertain and deeply worrying future. Levels of youth unemployment are unacceptably high. The government must be made to act on any reasonable proposal to enable young people to demonstrate to potential employers that they have the necessary skills to work for them."

"I fully support the Lib Dem scheme to introduce internships now. Under this policy, young people are paid by the Government to undertake work experience for a period of six months with an employer. This allows the young person to develop work skills, prove their employability skills and develop their CV supported by a reference from the employer as an independent observer."

Robert is backing the call to the Government recently made by local Councillor Ann Holtom to listen to Lib Dem suggestions on the best ways to tackle youth unemployment. Together they are urging the Labour government not to run the risk of creating another lost generation like the one they inherited from the last Conservative Government.