By-election bliss - but don't get too carried away

There have been four Lib Dem by-election gains out of ten contests on principal authorities this week.

The most satisfying win may have come in North Norfolk where we gained a seat from the Tories but the Ukip candidate who got just 17% of the poll there is the sitting county councillor for the same area. Elsewhere there were gains from Independents in Cornwall and Wiltshire and from Ukip, also in Cornwall. There was a promising move from fourth to second place in Jeremy Cobyn's home borough of Islington although still a long way behind the winning Labour candidate.

Well done to all our winning candidates.

However good these results, not everything in the garden is so rosy. There were seats where we didn't even have a candidate and some where our vote fell. Our fightback is well and truly on but we need hard work and resilience to prosper.