Bus survey - massive response


Leading Liberal Democrats, Cllr Ann and Trevor Holtom have been carrying out a large-scale public consultation exercise on public transport with bus surveys being delivered across Erdington's Tyburn Ward. The response has been massive with hundreds of completed our questionnaires coming back with views and suggestions about local bus services. The responses have helped our local campaigners to better understand the public's views on the provision of local bus services.

The main headlines from the survey are:

  • Almost 1 in 4 thought that buses were rarely or never on time
  • Only 1 in 3 though that buses were rarely or never clean
  • One in four said that bus shelters were rarely clean & tidy
  • Almost 3 in four respondents believed that there were not enough buses on busy routes

A massive 85% of replies indicated that residents were never consulted on bus service changes.

The survey also revealed that residents wanted to bring back the 68 bus which was recently taken out of service, that more buses were needed to run to the Fort and that the 914 should be made more reliable to ensure that patients travelling to Good Hope hospital for an appointment could be sure to be on time.

The findings from the surveys will inform Lib Dem campaigners' approach to public transport issues and the particular issues highlighted will be brought to the attention of the bus operators when Cllr Holtom and Trevor Holtom next meet them with a view to further service improvements.