Birmingham streets are the dirtiest ever – it’s time to send Labour a message!

Research by Ann Holtom and the Tyburn Liberal Democrat team has supported residents' claims that our streets have got dirtier over the last two years. Due to the Labour council's year on year slashing of street cleaning budgets the levels of litter and fly tipping has soared. Add Labour's shambolic "garden tax" to the mix and our streets are now regularly an eyesore.

Ann Holtom, Liberal Democrat campaigner and candidate in Tyburn ward said: "This Clueless council cuts the street sweeping budgets, scraps the popular beat sweepers with brooms, then spends £62 million on wheelie bins. Charging £35 to collect residents' grass cuttings and green waste is the final insult."

Residents are also increasingly concerned about long traffic queues trying to enter recycling depots to dispose of their garden rubbish. Up to 2012 the Lib Dem run council managed the free collection from residents' homes of furniture, white goods and garden rubbish. This ensured Birmingham won the cleanest city in England award.

Ann Holtom said: "Whilst there are no excuses for fly tipping the decisions of this council are leading to an untidy Tyburn and Birmingham. Residents are not at all happy and they should send Labour a message on 22 May by voting to get rid of the party of dirty streets and garden taxes."