Be there for the election of our new leader

Farron and Lamb

Next Thursday, the Liberal Democrats will have a new leader. Under the leadership of either Tim or Norman our party will start a new era, continuing our fightback and rebuilding our party.

You may have already heard from party president Sal Brinton but the party is going to do the announcement slightly differently. Both of the leadership candidates want to make sure that members are at the centre of the day, so rather than doing the usual press conference to announce the result, we'll be announcing the winner on social media late afternoon. The new leader's first public appearance will then be at a members rally starting at 6pm that evening in central London.

The venue for the rally will be announced soon but it will be in central London (Zone 1) and is easily accessible by public transport. The first time anyone will see our new leader is when they stand up in front of party members at this rally, which is exactly how it should be. That way we can show that with our new leader and thousands of new members, the Lib Dem Fightback is on!

The party recognises that, of course, a rally in central London isn't accessible to everyone - and difficult for people in our local party area. They're currently working with the venue to make sure that everyone can participate this fantastic event, no matter where you are in the country. There'll be more details next week.

If you want to go though you must register and this can be done through a special website at: