Annual Residents' Survey gives vote of confidence for Council services


Ann Holtom, Tyburn Ward's Liberal Democrat councillor, has welcomed the results of Birmingham Council's annual residents' survey. In a statement Cllr Holtom said:

"I was particularly pleased that the Council's annual residents' survey painted a positive picture of the services that we all receive from the City Council. In the last year, people's impression of the standard of Council services has risen to new & improved levels of satisfaction.

This year's performance builds upon the last three annual surveys that have shown that services are improving. Providing better services and value for money has been the hallmark of Liberal Democrats & the Progressive Partnership since taking control of the Council four years ago."

The highlights from this year's residents' survey are detailed below:

• 74% feel that the council is making their area a better place to live - up 3%

• 71% feel that the council is making their area safer - up 7%

• 70% believe that the council is making their areas cleaner and greener - up 6%

• 68% of people thought that the council was trustworthy - up a massive14%

• 66% of people believed that the council is efficient & well run - up 13% from 53% from last year

Satisfaction ratings in the mid to high sixties are also recorded for:

• acting on the concerns of local residents

• promoting the interests of residents

• being an accessible council & responding to the needs of the individual

• providing opportunities for people to play an active part in their communities

"All in all the findings are good news. I believe that everyone can see that the council and the services it provides are improving on a year by year basis."

As a member of the Lib Dem half of the Progressive Partnership I would like to thank the Tyburn residents who participated in this city wide survey. Your views are important and I do listen & respond to your opinions.

I am looking forward to further improvements in next year's council survey of resident's views when hopefully standards and services will have been improved further."