Ann's opponents condemned by Tyburn residents

Ballot Box

Instead of concentrating on the local issues that matter to us all, Labour and Tories are fighting dirty.

Ann says: "I have been inundated with calls of support from people who used to vote Labour and Tory but won't now because of their underhand tactics. This just goes to show they have run out of ideas and know they have no answer to the hard work done by myself and fellow Liberal Democrats in the Ward."

Facts the Tories WON'T tell you!

*Last year they came a poor third behind the Lib Dems

*There has NEVER been a Tory councillor in our ward

*In the 1980s there were two Liberal councillors here

*The Tory candidate does not live in the ward.

And for Labour - some things never change

"They [Labour] pick one aspect of Lib Dem policy, distort it wildly and attack the candidate as aggressively as they can". (From the Daily Telegraph, 2005)