Ann listens to residents' views on six issues to fix


Cllr Ann Holtom. Parliamentary candidate for Birmingham Erdington, has kept her promise to report back to residents in Tyburn Ward on her Six to Fix survey which sought people's views on six key issues.

Cllr Holtom said: "I received hundred's of replies to my survey from interested residents on the six key issues of boosting the numbers of Brum's Bobbies, providing improved access to education and training, providing 1,000 new homes, beating the recession, providing a clean and green city and cutting congestion & improving public transport.

Residents' number one choice was to boost Brum's Bobbies (59%). This was also identified as a key issue by Liberal Democrats who have pledged themselves to provide and additional 156 police officers in the West Midlands as part of our national policy initiative to cut crime.

Residents' second choice was to beat the recession (20%) by keeping the Council Tax low. This has already been achieved with this year's council tax increasing by 1.9%.

To provide 1,000 new homes - 500 new build and a further 500 homes refurbished was the third choice of local residents (13%). Again this has already been achieved with plans to build 500 new homes during the course of this year. 36 new council homes are currently being build in Drylea Grove on the Firs Estate with more to follow in other areas of the City.

A very big thank you to all the residents who responded to my Six to Fix survey and we will continue to ensure that your views are responded to by the policies and actions of Liberal Democrats in our City."