Ann Holtom – the only candidate to live in Tyburn Ward

Cllr Ann Holtom is campaigning for action on grass verge parking

Ann Holtom, who has been chosen to stand for the Liberal Democrats in Tyburn Ward on Thursday, was born and brought up in Tyburn. She has a proven record of 12 years service to the area, including ten as a councillor, fighting for local causes and supporting local residents. Ann is the only candidate in the local elections on 22 May who actually lives in Tyburn Ward, despite what you may have read in the local newspaper the Tyburn Mail. The Tyburn Mail mistakenly reported that Labour candidate Lynda Clinton lives in the ward. She does not. She lives at 230 Holly Lane, Birmingham, B24 9LD which is in Erdington Ward.

Research has shown that voters prefer candidates to live in the areas they seek to represent. Ann respects this and that is why Ann has dedicated her political service to the people she knows and the place she grew up in.