Ann hits out at Labour’s green garden tax

Rubbish -£35

Birmingham Council plans to charge residents £35 a year to remove green garden waste is a flop. Official figures show only a handful of residents have signed up. Now Labour "big wigs" are worried residents will hide garden rubbish in with household refuse and are threatening to "take action" again anyone who does.

Ann Holtom, Liberal Democrat candidate for Tyburn Ward has hit out at some of Labour's wheelie bin rules:

    • If the lid on your bin is open it will not be emptied
  • If you put the wrong item in a bin it will not be emptied
  • Any extra bags of rubbish (side waste) will not be collected
  • If you bin gets damaged or stolen you will be charged for a replacement

Ann said: "This awful council has declared war on its own citizens and should be ashamed of its heavy handed attitude. Voters need to send Labour a message on their dirty streets and £35 graden tax on 22 May."