Ann challenges UKIP on ‘no’ vote on the ivory trade


Liberal Democrat candidate, Ann Holtom, has challenged UKIP leader Nigel Farage to explain why he and five other UKIP members of the European Parliament, including the deputy leader, voted 'no' to a resolution which would help prevent the illegal trade in ivory.

Mrs Holtom, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Tyburn Ward, says she wants to know why Nigel Farage, and his party were six of only fourteen MEPs to vote against the proposal to combat worldwide wildlife trafficking. Mrs Holtom said: "The illegal ivory trade has led to the deaths of many elephants at the hands of callous poachers. Here was some small action that our elected representatives could take as a stand against this horror yet UKIP chose to put their ideological hatred of all things European before the welfare of these majestic animals."