Ann backs Lib Dem assault on the ‘black hole’ in Labour’s council spending

Cllr Ann Holtom is campaigning for action on grass verge parking

Leading local Liberal Democrat Ann Holtom, has strongly endorsed the criticism of the way Labour is failing to provide details of a mysterious £72 million increase in costs that council leader Sir Albert Bore is claiming the council is facing in the next twelve months.

Bore faced close questioning at the last council meeting by Liberal Democrat councillors led by Cllr Jerry Evans. Cllr Evans said: "I asked a very simple question, "could Sir Albert explain the basis for this £72million increase in costs?" but he just declined outright to provide an answer"

"He either doesn't know or he has used an unjustifiable figure to support his claims about the financial position faced by the council. This £72 million is a "black hole" in Labour's projection and is three times more than the increase in the last twelve months. This poses the further question - does the £72m include Labour's spending commitments. If so, why aren't residents being consulted as Labour promised?"

As former councillor Ann Holtom has now added "Labour's failure, or its downright refusal, to answer questions about the council's finances is unacceptable. Residents are understandably worried about possible cuts. This £72 million cost increase over the next year cannot be explained and won't be the subject of any consultation with residents. I strongly back Jerry Evans as he continues to press Sir Albert for an answer on this self generated "black hole" until he receives a proper answer".