Air Cadets prove to be inspirational

Air cadets

Councillor Ann Holtom was privileged to be invited to the annual wards ceremony of 165 squadron (Castle Bromwich) Air Cadets, to present cadets with their certificates of achievement. The event was truly inspirational and sent a positive message of commitment and dedication by all who received their awards.

Cllr Holtom was overwhelmed at the achievements of the cadets. They were a credit to their squadron, their families and to the community at large.

The achievements which were recognised included activities such as gliding, swimming, various sports certificates, being involved in collections on poppy day and awards for work in the community.

All the cadets were proud of their achievements and rightly so. They certainly are a positive role model for others to emulate and follow.

Youth today often get a bad press. This event proved that if young people are given a positive lead they can and do become positive role models themselves.

Councillor Holtom said that from her experience at the awards evening & the positive message that was sent out she would encourage all youths (male or female) between 13 & 20 to consider joining the local Air Cadets on Castle Vale.

By joining cadets can learn new skills and take part in positive activities which beneficial to the individual and the community at large.

Ann said she was hopeful of being invited to the 2010 awards ceremony to see next years winners and be inspired by the achievements of cadets many of who live on Castle Vale.