A station for Castle Vale - your chance to put pressure on CENTRO

Ann meeting

The campaign of local residents and Liberal Democrat Councillor for Tyburn Ward, Ann Holtom, to bring back a rail station to serve Castle Vale has received more good news.

CENTRO have issued a Rail Development Plan and consultation document that includes the development of the Camp Hill chords (track) and the development of the new Tamworth line. These plans include a new station at Castle Vale & The Fort. Cllr Ann Holtom has already sent a response to CENTRO's consultation urging them to make this a top priority.

The consultation document is available at


Any resident who wishes to support the development of the Tamworth line & a station at Castle Vale should write to:-

David Ride,


Centro House,

Summer Lane,

Birmingham B19 3SD.

Alternatively you can email a response to rdpfeedback@centro.org.uk. All replies should be submitted by 11th September.