A personal message to Castle Vale residents from Cllr Ann Holtom

Cllr Ann Holtom is campaigning for action on grass verge parking

Two Holtom's are better than one

The council elections are your opportunity to ensure that there are two Lib Dem councillors in Tyburn who can and will effectively represent your views. Vale residents have in the past elected both Lib Dem & Labour councillors you have never elected a Conservative Councillor.

Again this year it's a clear choice between Lib Dem's Trevor Holtom and the Labour Candidate.

Remember it's a Council election and you need to make a decision on who is the best person to represent you and your views in the Council House.

Trevor is active in the local community and as a local resident is Chair of the Erdington & Tyburn Housing Liaison Board and Pype Hayes Neighbourhood Forum.

A win for Trevor this time will continue to make a real difference for the local area. Over the years between us we have written thousands of letters to council officers to successfully resolve community issues and individual complaints.

We have also campaigned for improved transport links, especially for a new station to serve the Vale and for improvements to local bus services.

Gone are the days of high council tax rises. In the last 6 years all increases have been less than the rate of inflation. The Council has built over 700 new homes the first council home building programme for a generation and Birmingham has avoided closing libraries, leisure centres and swimming pools.

This is in stark contrast to the bad old days of Labour control. Keep it local on May 5th and remember two Holtom's are better than one!