A38 flooding chaos - Ann speaks out against the vandals


Cllr Ann Holtom has deplored the reckless action of vandals in causing the Birmingham-Fazeley canal to flood last week. The flow of water resulted in the closure of the A38 between Castle Vale and Minworth, causing traffic chaos and disruption for residents, commuters and other travellers. Cllr Holtom condemned the action of the vandals who opened locks on the canal causing thousands of gallons of water and silt to escape and surge across the busy highway.

Cllr Holtom said she was worried something similar could happen again with more serious consequences for road and canal traffic. She is seeking more detailed information from the police and British Waterways about their plans to prevent similar problems in the future. Ann said: "This act of vandalism was not only dangerous and disruptive but is likely to cost thousands of pounds to repair. All the authorities now need to coordinate closely together to plan against similar turmoil in the future. As one of the area's local councillors, I will liaise with the police, British Waterways and the Council on behalf if the community as they work to improve the situation."