"New leader needs to do better for our city" - Ann Holtom


Ann Holtom, Liberal Democrat campaigner, has responded to the election of Cllr John Clancy as the new leader of Birmingham City Council.

Ann said: "The Liberal Democrats wish Cllr Clancy well but we have little confidence he will succeed because the Labour machine in Birmingham is more concerned in the interests of the party than in ensuring the city is run for the residents' benefit. Social care chaos, Trojan Horse scandal, slammed by the Kerslake report, wheelie bin fiasco, traffic nightmare in the city centre - the list of Birmingham Labour's mismanagement is endless.

"Cllr Clancy can make a fresh start. I urge him to begin by listening closely to what local people say. The consultation, Birmingham Vision20/20, is designed to find out what the people who live here actually want done to improve things. This is a consultation aimed primarily at young people, the very future of our city, and Clancy must act on its findings, not ignore them and just tick the "consultation done" box.

"And I urge everyone, particularly the young, to take part in this exercise and let the city have your views for a better Birmingham."

You can do so online at: https://www.birminghambeheard.org.uk/economy/youth-engagement-2020/consult_view