"Local decisions should be made locally" - Ann Holtom


Ann Holtom, Liberal Democrat campaigner and candidate in Tyburn Ward, has welcomed the promise made in the Lib Dem manifesto for the Council elections on May 22 to allow the Erdington District Committee, the body which makes important local decisions about Council services, budgets and cuts in Erdington, to meet again in Erdington rather than at the Council House in central Birmingham.

Ann said: "Back in 2012 when Labour got control of Birmingham they chose to move these important decision-making bodies to the city centre making it far harder for local people, who would be affected by their decisions, to attend and find out what was being done in their name. The whole idea of District and Ward committees is to move decision-making closer to local residents, to give them a chance to participate and influence the decisions that change their lives. Labour elected to do just the opposite. We fought it then but Labour carried on with their anti-democratic policy. I am delighted that a Lib Dem Council would restore the right of District Committees to once more meet in their Districts to the betterment of local people."