“Act now to save our local libraries” - Ann Holtom

Birmingham Library

Erdington Liberal Democrat Parliamentary spokesperson, Ann Holtom, is calling on local residents to join her campaign to save libraries used by local people from further cuts or full closure by Birmingham City Council.Commenting on the news that the award winning Library of Birmingham, which was opened by Nobel Peace Winner Malala Yousafzai, is to have its opening hours slashed from 73 to just 40 per week with the loss of about 100 jobs, Ann Holtom said: "This vicious attack on learning by the inept city council is just the beginning. The Labour run council has already announced that further library services will be cut and this is likely to mean reduced opening hours or resources in local libraries in Erdington, perhaps even the full closure of one or more of our libraries altogether."

Birmingham City Council is looking to save £1.5 million from its £10 million a year running costs.

Ann said: "As always, Labour is pretending that the full brunt of these cuts are all the fault of the Coalition and nothing to do with its useless management of city council budgets, unwillingness to use contingency funds and political cowardice in blaming others when the party nationally have admitted they would impose their own austerity measures if they won the general election. I am urging everyone who cares about learning, reading and the vital place that libraries have in the life of our communities to join me and help save these precious resources. "