£570,000 boost for Tyburn schools

Lib Dem Schools minister Sarah Teather has welcomed the help the pupil premium will means for local children

Schools in Tyburn are set to receive a share of an extra £22 million which is being provided by the Coalition Government via its Pupil Premium initiative. Local campaigners Cllr Ann and Trevor Holtom have strongly welcomed the news that schools in our area will benefit to the tune if £570,000. This money will be added to the budgets of the eleven local schools that will benefit from this cash windfall.

The Pupil Premium provides an additional £430 for all children who are in receipt of free school meals. This is welcome news and will help to deliver real improvements in children's education. Heads and governors now know how much their school will receive and will now be planning on how this money will be spent.

Schools must spend the money supporting pupils who need additional help. The money can be used on providing more teaching assistants, teacher training, learning mentors, family support, homework clubs and sport. Cllr Holtom said, "This is a clear new resource for schools to be targeted at pupils from disadvantaged homes. We must break the barrier some pupils face. For example by sixteen a pupil not entitled to free school meals is over three times more likely to achieve five good GCSEs as on who is entitled."

Last year out of 600,000 pupils, 80,000 were eligible for free school meals. Out if these just 40 made it to the country's top universities. By implementing the Pupil Premium initiative the Coalition Government aims to provide equal life chances for pupils reducing the inequality which currently exists between pupils who receive free school meals and those who don't. Under the previous Government one in three children who left school in 2009 were unable to read and write properly. We went from 4th to 14th in world league tables for science, 7th to 17th for literacy and 8th to 24th for maths.

Cllr Holtom said she hopes the Pupil Premium will address these shocking statistics.