2009 election results - Liberal Democrats continue to progress, Labour crashes.

Winning in Brum

Now the dust has settled on last month's County Council elections, other local and Euro elections - here is a round up of the results for the Liberal Democrats.

The Liberal Democrats have taken control of Bristol City Council, picking up four seats. Labour fell into third place on the Council, losing eight seats.

We have taken five seats from Labour in the Burnley area of Lancashire County Council, and three seats from the Conservatives and one from Labour on Essex County Council.

Liberal Democrat candidates have defeated the Conservative group leader on Cumbria County Council and the Labour council leader on Nottinghamshire County Council. We cut the majority of the Labour leader on Derbyshire County Council from around 1,000 to 76.

The Liberal Democrats are the largest group on the new unitary Bedford Council and made big gains from Labour in Ashfield.

While Labour and the Conservatives saw their number of seats on Surrey County Council fall, the Liberal Democrats were the only of the main parties to increase their number of seats. We also made net gains - from the Conservatives and Labour - in many other counties, including Cumbria, Dorset, East Sussex, Hertfordshire, the Isle of Wight, Kent, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Sussex and Worcestershire.

The BBC's projected national vote share is Conservatives 38%, Liberal Democrats 28%, Labour 23% - the Liberal Democrats are the only of the three to increase their projected share from last year's local elections.

Responding to the early results and the Cabinet reshuffle, Nick Clegg described the government as "finished" and called for a general election. He said, "The Labour government has run out of road, it's finished. We need something new, different, fresh."

"This government can no longer govern. It is dysfunctional, it is in meltdown. We need a general election."

Nick went on to applaud the Liberal Democrats in Bristol, saying that now "the Liberal Democrats run the vast majority of the big cities." This of course includes the partnership administration which runs Birmingham in which the Lib Dems participate.

In the Lozells and East Handsworth by-election, Liberal Democrat candidate Sabirul Islam, increased the total Lib Dem vote and the Lib Dem share of the vote. Labour held the seat but we have strengthened our position in the ward and made the seat much more winnable next time.

In the Euros, Liz Lynne, our hard-working Liberal Democrat MEP has been re-elected to serve the people of the West Midlands for five more years and the Lib Dems were credited with a notional gain of one MEP, following the reduction in the number of the UK's total allocation this time.

You can read Liz's reaction to her re-election at: http://birminghamlibdems.org.uk/news/000877/liz_lynne_reelected_to_european_parliament.html