2009 - a year of hope - with the Liberal Democrats


Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg MP has delivered a message of hope for Britain in 2009 but only if we do things differently.

In a specially recorded message, Nick Clegg said that Labour and Conservative parties were trapped in the past, prisoners of their own special interests. Liberal Democrats will put the economy back on track with a big, green investment programme.

Instead of wasting billions on a pointless VAT cut that makes little difference we would invest that money to cut your fuel bills, create thousands of jobs and deliver what our country needs for the future.

Warm homes, schools and hospitals, clean energy, public transport we can all be proud of.

We can fix the economic mess Britain's in. If only we do things differently for once. Instead of making the same old mistakes the same old parties have made for generations.

You can read the full text of Nick's address by visiting the Liberal Democrats national website and you can also see the video message at: http://www.libdems.org.uk/home/its-time-to-do-things-differently-109627648;show